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Hi! My name is Neda.

And while you probably didn’t just randomly end up on this blog and you have an idea of me quirky self, you are most likely smirking under your nose saying, “…pff who is this chick and why does she think she knows stuff … about stuff and things?”

Well, no one is forcing you to stick around, but then again what have you got to lose from joining me in a little bit of banter? I’d certainly LOVE to hear why you think I don’t know shit about shit and I’d be happy to tell you why I think I agree with you.

Why did I create this blog space? Maybe it is my love for writing, maybe it is my love for movies, arts and philosophical discourse, but I think it is most likely my passion. Yes, passion in general. This blog is created for purely selfish reasons. Throughout my life I have discovered that when I feel strongly about something, the most invigorating thing to do is share it and find out if I was on the right path or not. For what is life than sharing your thoughts and journey with others?

Also…. who doesn’t have a website these days ; )


If you want to get to know me even better (don’t see why you’d want to, but anyway) you can bask in the wisdom of 16 year-old-me with the essay below or check out some thoughts on life and my generation in my TEDx talk. Cheers.


Lessons from a past not lived.. TEDxTalk

The stars and me… /2005 essay/


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  1. Saskia

    Beautifully written, personal and moving. You couldn’t have sketched a better ‘me’, dearest poetic lovely sensitive Nedned!

  2. Moe

    Always expected from the mademoiselle:)
    You sure couldn’t have made it any perfect and probably it seems more special to me as I have had the fortune and pleasure to go in depth of knowing you myself on more than one level. Yet I must applaud the swift use of fantasy and abstract metaphors that did leverage your meanings serenading images over images of thought to the mind making whomever reading your words get engulfed with the scenario and truly live within as part of the story, not just a mere spectator.
    You sure are gifted and one of a kind my dear old friend
    Keep it up and always be as authentic as you always are.


    • Neda Eneva

      Dear Moe! oh these are such kind and sweet words, thank you! Same goes to you! Hope you are well, I am glad you liked what I wrote :) ) means a lot! must catch up soon again :) xx


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