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Gravity or why I have been floating in space for the past few days

My review of this movie can be summarized in three words: GO SEE IT! This is not only the best movie I have seen in months, if not more, but it is by far the most thrilling representation of space I have ever seen on film. If you think you have seen documentaries, or astronaut movies or whatever else 3D, 4D, 10D, Disneyland or other hip space ‘adventure’, you have not seen anything. Until Gravity. Lately we have been flooded with movies so shallow and useless, that they pretty much can be summarized in their pointless trailer shorts. Not this [...]


Man of Steel and his flight

Ok I saw the movie twice. Still conflicted. And yes I did possibly see it for the wrong reasons (goddam Henry Cavill is just too hot) but I did enjoy it. When I wasn’t madly frustrated. The movie is better and worse than the previous ones (and by that I mean the first and second Superman, as the third and fourth while enjoyable are really not considered to be good enough to be taken seriously. I rather enjoyed the artistic decisions made in the movie. Starting from the new Superman suit, to the manner in which Krypton was represented, the [...]


The movie that must sink into Oblivion

And there we go again -a movie that made me want to cut my wrists right there in the movie hall. This review will be very short. Oblivion must be erased from the modern movie history. Yet again, I leave the movie theatre incredibly angry, “facepalm-ing” so much my face actually was hurting in the end. I know what you will say, why see it in the first place? Well, I try and keep up with whatever new comes out in the cinema (I have been doing this since I can remember) and filter through the few decent ones that [...]