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Two Fresh Apocalypses

We have at least 5 or 6 of these movies a year. You know, the movies with the world ending. Hypothesizing about how humanity would deal with its demise or hypothesizing about what the world and our civilization would look like after an apocalypse. And they are mostly terrible. Or utterly dull. Or visually exciting but painfully cliche. But this year, we have something new. Rather less Hollywood-ized. So, I would like to draw to your attention two of the most interesting (post-)apocalyptic movies I have seen in a while. As always, I am more than curious if you agree [...]

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How we got hustled by American Hustle?

This movie does one thing well and one thing alone – similar to its protagonists it manages to trick you into liking it. It fakes and bullshits its way through to your heart with the same charm, quirkiness, spark and clever tricks the main characters manage to get away with pretty much anything. It hustles you and it hustles you so well, you end up enjoying it. But I am not convinced. Just like others from this year’s Oscars nomination for best feature film of the year, I am not convinced American Hustle deserves all that attention and praise. Don’t [...]


Delete Her

Ohhhh I am so angry. I do not even know where to begin. You know how people often say “Oh, I saw something incredibly stupid, these are two hours of my life I will never get back”?  Well, this doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel after watching one of the Best Motion Picture Oscar Nominees for 2014, “Her”. I am not entirely sure, perhaps there could be something wrong with me, as there are countless reviews out there that are nothing but positive about this movie. It has scored such very high ratings and there is barely any [...]