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What happened to the Hulk and Jack Kirby?

Author: Vincent Schroder  Marvel’s always been about the bottom line rather than the artistic endeavor. Well before churning out 2-hour-long trailers for a movie nobody remembers the plot of (but it certainly was a team-up movie), they were taking ownership of their artist’s work while paying them a pittance. Jack Kirby created pretty much all of their most popular characters, and concepts and got paid shit. They also liked forcing competitors out of business. Marvel (together with DC) formed the Comics Code Authority back in the 1950s that specifically targeted EC, who were creaming them in sales with their horror [...]

Jack Kirby (Art of Jack Kirby, Wyman Skaar)

Best movies of 2013

And so… 2013 has left us and just like any year ending we start making lists and deliberating on the good and bad things we went through in the past 12 months. Of course, movies are not different and 2013 was definitely as exciting as it was a disappointing year for the big screen. Do you wonder what you missed out on? Did you see a bunch of terrible summer blockbusters and gave up on cinema altogether only to miss out on the truly good things out there? Well, I know how you feel, so here is a list of [...]


The desolation of The Desolation of Smaug

I would very much like to write a positive review about the Desolation of Smaug. I would like to focus on the beautiful visuals, the clever jokes and fun moments which sparked laughter and general enjoyment, or even on the casting. The LOTR references or the action sequels definitely kicked ass. These are all great things the movie brought forth which most definitely cannot be ignored. But I would be very dishonest if I say that I was too impressed or liked the movie. I would be lying if I claimed this is a good movie altogether. For starters, there [...]