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Don’t put the head on the poster!

I didn’t remember any of the Aliens. Later, I realized that might have been a good thing. Due to the fact the movie is not out everywhere yet, I will restrain from pointing out major plot fails, in case there are still people out there who want to go see it. I need to point out, it is a big restraint on my side, as some of the worst mistakes the movie made were indeed related to the plot, but I will save these particular criticisms for another time maybe. I cannot refrain from this angry blog post altogether, however, as Prometheus just proved to be the next huge 2012 disappointment on the big screen.

I have to admit I wasn’t aware this project was on the move until I saw a very overwhelming and bluntly frank trailer last summer. I suppose the strategy of “Hey, let’s bombard the viewer with absolutely every cool shot we made in the entire movie, maybe they won’t notice we show them absolutely everything that will happen in the entire movie.” I have a soft spot for American movies with big bangs and intriguing actors, I am not ashamed to admit it, so my thoughts were exactly: ok, I’ll bite. But the saddest thing a movie can do to a viewer is show nothing more than what it showed on the promotion. The visuals of the movie are indeed quite nice, spectacular at times, but there isn’t much else nice I can say. The rest is rip-off scenes from Alien, terrible soundtrack, which “pathetically attempts to make you feel like you are watching Star Wars”, shallow characters, the deepest of which was a robot and absolutely NO plot twists that would not have been obvious to a 14-year-old. Furthermore, I sincerely hope that the questions left unanswered, the many that they are, are simply the wishful thinking of a second prequel, rather than using the mystery formula of Lost – unknown things in scenes equal cool. The cast, consisting of somewhat acclaimed actors did nothing in my opinion to fix the drowning ship. It consisted of a lost Noomi Rapace who seems to be unable to close her mouth while talking/being silent, very unconvincing Guy Pierce with very bad make-up, Charlize Theron in another ice-queen-role and… dear Michael Fassbender, please change your track record, ‘cause in my book, you have not been in the best pictures lately (Shame, Haywire).

I wonder if Ridley Scott regrets going back to the franchise that basically sky-rocketed him into the depths of fame in such a hasty and badly thought out fashion. All in all even if you thought the movie stood ay chance in the first ten minutes, with every other overblown epic note of the soundtrack,  it just seemed to get worse and worse. But hey, at the end of the day, that is just how I felt about. Well, me and the other five people I watched it with. I am open for arguments to prove me wrong as always.

For this blog, I would like to thank my dear friend Aadil, whose rage over the faults of this movie and nice beer inspired me to write this blog. 

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