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How Pacific Rim saved the summer of 2013

Ok this one appealed to my uber geeky-ness from the very first teaser a year ago. But if we put aside that I was absolutely thrilled at the idea of giant robots (ok it is not a robot if it has a person inside, but you get what I mean) fighting Kaijus, watching the production videos definitely set the bar for this one very high. I would like to underline to people that generally disregard this genre or type of movies that this one is undoubtedly more than what it might seem. I do not need to do much to convince you, all I have to do is share this interview with Guillermo Del Toro (starts around 25th minute).

This is not just a summer blockbuster which aims at celebrating bigger explosions and bigger boobs in the months of July and August when teenagers have nothing better to do. This is a movie which celebrates perfection through exquisite imagery. It is personal for Del Toro and you can feel it. The passion into every detail, every monster feature, every bolt on the Jagers and every little joke he adds in the background. This is not a movie about people. It is a movie about Kaijus. Yes, the good guys win in the end, and there are all the classic elements of troubled mentor with a good heart, love story, comic relief geeks, bad guy turns good guy, etc. But this is not intended to be the center line of the movie – in fact, Pacific Rim is just one impressive clash between machines and giant alien monsters, it is intended that way and it does not try to be anything else and with that it succeeds marvelously. Del Toro manages to very masterfully convey the scale and complexity of the monsters, machines and battles in a revolutionary from a visual and sound perspective manner while depending on the great cast and enough character development to give the audience less interested in the action a little something too. It is a movie with positivism yet no preaching, false patriotism and solemnity which eagerly embraces ‘mock seriousness’ of the genre.

If you are still not convinced, I urge you again, listen to his interview (25 mins in)… if Del Toro cannot convince you himself than maybe you should go back to renting “Eat Pray Love”.

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