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Peaky Blinders, a must see

I would like to present to your attention, the PEAKY BLINDERS (season 1).

This is not a review, this is just a recommendation. A very very high recommendation. Like intensely recommended.

The funny thing is that I had not heard of this show or came across it at all, until a friend recommended it. And, suspecting most of you have not heard of it as well, here is my tip to you all:

I have not been so excited about series in a very long time. In fact, the moment I watched the first season, I immediately re-watched it again. I am not gonna spoil it for you, so I will be very vague and short. The show has everything, really, and honestly much more than a lot of shows we have seen lately. The plot keeps you on edge from start to finish. The beautiful cinematography,  at times with breathtaking  play of light, colors and composition creates a vivid and immersing experience. The show has an excellent cast, down to the last side character, with flawless acting, dialogue, character development and an overall amazing performance by the lead Cillian Murphy. And oh my gosh, one of the sexiest soundtracks I have heard in a long time, just so so sexy. And finally, the beauty of British television, first season has 6 episodes, one hour each.

And so, not much more to say, but WATCH IT! And give me your thoughts afterwards ;)

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