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The Punisher: Netflix’s Marvel redeemer?

I was already quite fascinated by Jon Bernthal’s Punisher in the second Daredevil, in fact I actually thought that was the best feature and most noteworthy character of the second season of the Netflix take on the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.  So when I heard they were making a spin-off with him, followed by an interesting trailer (a great match for the tunes of “One”), I was cautiously optimistic, notwithstanding the absolute fuck ups Iron Fist and The Defenders were (no I am not being harsh). So was the stand-alone series going to build up and not disappoint on the [...]


The Return of Thor

  (might contain mild spoilers) Yes! I absolutely loved this movie. So much so Id have watched it more than the two times I did in the cinema if I had the time… For me, this is not only the salvation of the Thor franchise, but overall return to the direction Marvel is best at and tends to waddle away from (example: Deadpool, Guardians vol 1 – thumbs up, Avengers 2– poop). I generally also seem to agree with the opinion that Thor: Ragnarok had the heart and soul the Thor movies should have had from the start (slightly touched [...]