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The movie that must sink into Oblivion

And there we go again -a movie that made me want to cut my wrists right there in the movie hall. This review will be very short. Oblivion must be erased from the modern movie history. Yet again, I leave the movie theatre incredibly angry, “facepalm-ing” so much my face actually was hurting in the end.

I know what you will say, why see it in the first place? Well, I try and keep up with whatever new comes out in the cinema (I have been doing this since I can remember) and filter through the few decent ones that pop up now and again. So there you have it, failure after failure and this one did not disappoint.

There might have been somewhat of a concept, decent CGI and sound, but by god everything else fails so miserably that the idea behind the movie does not count for anything. It is not one of those bad ones that are good because of how bad they are (example, Nicolas Cage-ing). No, this one is just bad and plain stupid. The actors do a terrible job, Andrea Riseborough’s reciting, Tom Cruise’s posing, Olga Kurylenko’s empty expressions and Morgan Freeman’s, well everything, are just a small segment of the overall terrible actors’ presence .Or lack of it. Also, what the hell is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau doing there, he looks like he jumped from the Game of Thrones set for a quick side acting. The dialogue is atrocious, filled with clichés, zero surprises and, well, any intelligence (really, I don’t even have to give examples, there are literally a 100 movies that use similar concepts). The plot is obvious, without any real twists, overall a story done a million times over and better. The soundtrack by M83 tries to add an artistic Tron-like synthesized retro electronic orchestration which I am not even sure actually fits to the overall empty circus of a movie (though, as a personal taste, I am usually not a fan of this kind of music anyway). The ending was so bad and useless that it just added to the general painful experience. I am not sure if this movie is some kind of a scientology preaching done by Tom Cruise and whoever else from the crew and to be honest, I could not care less -either way the movie is a terrible embarrassment and should be erased from movie history. Or not, should remain as an ugly reminder.

To those who saw it, my condolences, to those who haven’t – stay away! And as I heard someone else say – if you want to watch a somewhat pretty yet offensively bad and dumb sci-fi – go watch Prometheus.

Movie score: 2

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  1. flo

    Science Fiction used to be a genre for visionaries debating ethical problems and reminding us what makes us human.

    In 2013, science-fiction seems to be vehicle to transport the american way of life in which we learn that terrorism will exist in the future (Star Trek) or in Oblivions Case that we just want to go back to wearing our Yankees cap and listening to white people’s music on a lake after earth was destroyed by aliens.


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